EGB as a young man.
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picture © Tony Bradley

Evelyn Grosvenor Bradley

Born 14 December, 1882. We know very little about his forebears and his early life.

EGB's second marriage was to Elizabeth Hornsby. They married December 21st, 1910 and had a son, Peter. Peter married Etna, and they had a son, Christopher.

EGB wrote under various pen names. Those that we know of are:

  • "Noel Despard" (The Tyranny of Virtue)
  • "Cameron Carr"
  • "R.R. Ryan" (Echo of a Curse, Freak Museum, etc.)
  • "John Galton" (The Stars I Kneel To)

He also acted under the name "Rex Ryan".

We believe he also went under the name of "Dennis Ryan"

His death was written up in the front page of the Brighton and Hove Herald on Saturday, October 21, 1950 and the story reads in part:

. . . . "The East Sussex Coroner Dr. A. C. Sommerville, recorded a verdict of 'suicide while the balance of his mind was disturbed' on Evelyn Bradley, aged 66, known as Rex Ryan, of Lansdowne Place, Hove, who was found gassed in the bathroom."

He was listed as "a retired theatrical manager". There is a probate document, dated 1953, which names Lancelot (who we think is EGB's first son) and Etna (wife of EGB's second son, Peter) as entitled to a share of the estate.